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Waste(d) energy are thoughts about using waste around us to provide us with one of our basic needs…energy

The Space

Though energy from waste looks inspiring, it takes more than just ideas to make it work.

Perhaps the best place to start is understanding what benefit each type of waste brings to the table.


Though organic or rotting matter constitutes a huge chunk of domestic and agricultural waste, diverse methods could be applied in drawing energy out of it.


Pyrolysis is the burning of organic matter in the absence of oxygen to produce highly carbonized matter also known as biochar.

Though biochar is applied in agriculture as a soil amendment, it could well be used as an energy source in the name of charcoal.

But in our day and age, where we seek to discourage charcoal use, what alternatives are available for biochar use in energy?


Different pyrolysis temperatures and durations may produce diverse products such as bio-oils which are fuels that could be used domestically.

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